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WINTER BLUES / ANCO Studio Hair Pro Tips

This is now the time to look after your hair after being out in the sun and putting stress on the scalp during the Summer that has just passed - especially after America's Cup! Not many people know this but just like using a heat tool on your hair daily, the sun can do just as much damage when not protected correctly. Your hair is most likely dry, damaged and frizzy so taking the necessary steps to revive your hair is important. Read on for the top tips for the cooler months you're about to experience.

#1 Good haircut to cut off frazzled ends

Colour WOW Available at ANCO Studio

Cut your losses and get rid of the frazzled ends to keep your hair in tip top condition. Step into ANCO Studio for a luxurious hair cut, enjoy a full-body massage chair, a cup of coffee/tea and leave the rest to the team at ANCO. For an instant hair renewal, use the Colour WOW Dream Cocktail lightweight cream to boost shine and moisture.

#2 Aura smoothing treatment to de-frizz and moisturise

An Aura smoothing treatment is your best friend to de-frizz and keep those locks moisturised and shiny. This will last you all throughout Winter, making you forget that sun damage on your hair was never a thing to begin with!

#3 Weekly home care regime to keep the hair in the best possible condition

Olaplex now available at ANCO Studio

For best maintenance, we recommend the Olaplex No. 0 Intensive Bond Treatment, followed by the Olaplex No.3 Hair Perfector. This two-step at home treatment will provide a deep, intensive and speedy recovery for damaged hair. With Olaplexs' patented technology, the treatments will reduce breakage, visibly strengthen and protect the hair structure from inside out.

#4 Sunscreen for the hair

Teknia now available at ANCO Studio

Even during Winter, especially in New Zealand's temperamental weather, there is still sun exposure no matter what day it is. Products with UV and environmental protection will make sure the hair is getting maximum protection and healing benefits from previous steps. The Teknia Full Defence Mist is like sunscreen for the scalp and hair. Apply daily for the best possible environmental heat protection.


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